How I Understood Monad Transfomers

Jacek Kunicki

Jacek Kunicki
Senior Software Engineer at SoftwareMill
About This Event

Do you know that feeling when you hear about a new tool and you get excited because you seem to see how it is going to solve your problems? Yet, if you were to explain it to someone shortly thereafter, you would realize that you have almost no idea how it worked? This was my story with many concepts of functional programming in Scala, including monad transformers.

A moment of enlightenment came only when I needed to solve a seemingly unrelated problem: mixing Options and Futures in a for-comprehension. I had a feeling that the task was pretty generic and that for sure someone had already solved it.

In this live coding session I'd like to show you the path that I followed - from a common problem, through some more and more universal solutions that have naturally evolved into something we know as a monad transformer.

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